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After Your Appointment

Aftercare and what to expect after your appointment

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Post Treatment Exercise Prescription

Goal:  Let your body keep the benefits of treatment longer! 

These are our guidelines that work for the majority of our patients.

Move the treated areas of your body every 10 minutes while awake without strain or loading.  Follow the instructions below for up to 5 days,  THEN gradually increase your activity by 20% per week.

The important thing is to avoid overtaxing your body as it is healing! Pace yourself!

For specific guidelines, please click through the tabs below:

Daily Activities:

Moving: Change your posture every 10 minutes
Cooking: Rest from standing every 10 minutes
Walking: No more than 10 minutes in a 60 mi
nute period
Driving: Stop every 15 minutes, where it is safe, to walk around for 1-2 minutes.
Lifting/Carrying Weights: Limit to less than 2 kg/5 lbs (this includes bags and purses)
Sitting/Reading/TV/Computer: Walk to other side of room every 10 minutes
Stairs: Limit to 2 flights in 1 hour.

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