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About Us


Dr. Davina Kraubner


Dr. Davina Kraubner MD started her career in medicine as a rural family doctor with a particular interest in Indigenous health and advocacy, and addictions support. She completed her Emergency residency in 2010 and is a clinical instructor with the UBC department of Medicine.


After over 18 years of experience, including 12 in emergency medicine, it became clear to her that unprocessed trauma lies at the root of many chronic illnesses, addictions, and mental health issues. She is passionate about the use of plant medicines, psychedelics, and counselling to help access the inner healer and innate wisdom unique to each individual. She is committed to supporting clients on their journey into whole human health and well-being.

Davina has been and continues to be deeply inspired by her own personal healing journeys through mindfulness, meditation and connection to the natural world. Her experience guides a unique and gentle approach in her sessions.


What our patients say

"I was referred to Dr. Kraubner for chronic pain and have truly tried everything. She helped fill in so many missing puzzle pieces about the pain I was experiencing. The treatments provided a lot of relief both during the session and after and I really appreciate how much this doctor listens and cares. Thank you, Dr. D!"

- A.C.

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